💫My order hasn't arrived yet. Help!💫
Please allow 3-5 days working days for standard shipping, and if it happens to be longer than this, or you have any questions please DM us 

💫I'm a lover of NICE, but not based in the UK, can you deliver to me?💫
Unfortunately, not right now. UK addresses only.




💫 Introducing our new Referral Program💫

We're wine for whenever, or for when you want to gift £5 off to your friend, and get £10 off in return. Not bad, right? 


💫 So, how does it work? 💫

Create an account with us, then once you've verified this, click 'return to store' then, 'click for rewards' and you will be shown a "Your friends are waiting" message.

Copy and share your unique link with your friends, they will be taken to our website where they can submit their email for £5 OFF. 

You will receive your reward once your friend has purchased with the £5 OFF coupon you shared with them. 


💫 T&C's on referral codes 💫

You must spend a minimum of £20 to redeem your £10 OFF, and spend £10 to redeem your £5 OFF. 




💫 What wine is in the NICE range? 💫
Our range includes a French Sauvignon Blanc, a French Pale Rosé and an Argentinian Malbec. 





💫 Canned wine? 💫

Launched in 2019, NICE has become the UK's fastest growing canned wine brand. You can find our cans Sainsbury's, WHSmiths, on Virgin Atlantic flights, and in 100's of festivals and events around the country. Seriously, the nation loves wine in a can. 


💫 What's good about your cans? 💫

Alongside our wine being vegan, our cans are 100% recyclable, forever. 


💫 What size is a can💫

One can of wine is equal to 1 large glass of wine (250ml)


💫 Why does our new 187ml can have a bit of extra breathing room?  💫

Our new 187ml cans are a little bit taller than before, but filled with the same amount of wine (187ml), which means they have a bit of extra breathing room when opened. This change in can size was suggested by the can manufacturer to allow them to guarantee a regular and robust supply of cans, and you should find that the wine breathes better once opened, if it lasts that long. 🤪





💫 Boxed wine? 💫
Yep, we launched NICE boxed wine at the end of 2021, and so far our customers are loving them. "Omg how have I never had a box of wine before?! Amazing 🙌🏻said Rosie on TrustPilot. 


💫 So, why boxed wine? 💫

Carry 3 bottles or 1 box? Our thoughts exactly. Our boxed wine is vegan, is good quality wine & it lasts longer in a box, as it won’t oxidise and go iffy.


💫 How many glasses in box?💫

Our boxes are equivalent to 3 bottles of wine, 18 small glasses, or 9 cans of NICE


💫 Can I recycle my boxed wine?💫
Enjoy the wine first (obvs) and once you're done, following the instructions at the base of your box. (The box is fully recyclable, so pop it in the recycling and give it the chance of a brand new life, full of hopes, dreams and wild boxy abandon. The is bag is  recyclable at a supermarket with your plastic bags (but snip off the tap as it isn’t recyclable yet, but the world is working on it and so are we).